Exclusive Access to Pre-IPO Companies

At OGGI Equity, we aim to provide our clients with the opportunity to invest alongside the some of the most successful late-stage private companies in the country. We have a collection of specialized investment services designed and operated to provide access to alternative investment products normally reserved for institutional investors.

Previous Pre-IPO Offerings

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Benefits Of Pre-IPO Capital Investment

The private market has shifted over the past decade where high growth companies are now staying private for much longer. Many privately held companies such as Palantir, Grab and Airbnb have appreciated a large portion of their value before their entry into public markets. Backed with venture capital financing, private companies, such as those mentioned above, have been able to push their valuations much higher, where 78 companies are now worth at least $1 billion.

Pre-IPO shares allow you get in on an investment before everyone else. Unlike angel investments, Pre-IPO shares provide much higher risk adjusted returns. At OGGI Equity, we’ll give you exposure to all of the available pre-IPO venture capital opportunities and guide you through getting pre-IPO shares.

Why OGGI Equity?

We utilize a multi-factor selecting process that produces a list of the world’s most innovative and compelling private companies.

Pre-IPO shares often only available to individuals with high net worth, professional investors, wholesale investors, or investment funds. Our focus is to offer our clients unique opportunities to invest in startups before they go public.

As an industry leading Private equity firm, we can gain exclusive access to pre-IPO investing opportunities at privately held companies and allow smaller investors to get in on portions of the investment.

Exclusive Access

We provide private company investment opportunities normally reserved for institutional investors and VC firms.

Curated Investments

Our innovative screening model actively produces a list of companies with proven track-records and top-tier venture capital investors.

Leverage Expertise

With an established industry network, we connect you with the expertise, data, and analysis you need to navigate the private market with confidence.

Current Offerings

Investment Opportunities in Prominent Pre-IPO Companies

We specialize in selecting companies that are in their pre-IPO stage and are looking for a round of funding to further fuel growth. These current investment opportunities are offered to a very small circle of institutions and high-net-worth individuals. We offer an opportunity to be at the forefront of venture capital investment by taking part in backing some of the most forward-thinking companies in the world.

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