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Valentis International Completes Full Scale Maritime Training Exercise

PITTSBURGH, Pa., May 17, 2019 —

Valentis International is pleased to announce that its subsidiary, Pearsco Solutions, successfully completed a full scale training exercise that included the United States Coast Guard, United States Custom Border Patrol Air and Marine Operations, and City of Erie Pennsylvania Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Units. The training exercise provided the participants the opportunity to respond to a simulated hijacked vessel scenario with armed mock hijackers onboard. The training evolution was done in real time that also included actors portraying hostages and simulated improvised explosive devices. The exercise was designed to test the response and interdiction capabilities of the law enforcement agencies.


Additionally, Valentis International is pleased to announce that will be providing future training to the United States Coast Guard Station personnel in Erie that will cover tactical assault and close quarter combat evolutions.

“Our oversight and delivery success with this exercise continues to establish our standard to work with law enforcement agencies at the highest level. We are especially excited at the opportunity to further our training to Coast Guard personnel to help prepare them for scenarios they may encounter when conducting their own operations. Our Valentis Special Response Team will also be participating in the shoreside training operation to help give them ongoing exposure to tactical assault and breaching maneuvers while working alongside Coast Guard personnel,” said Marnie Sutch, CEO of Valentis International.



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Gary Morrison, of Valentis