Press Release

Valentis International Engages OGGI EQUITY


Valentis recently engaged OGGI EQUITY, the European private equity consultancy and financial firm, to consult, advise, and guide Valentis on strategic planning in equity, corporate compliance, stock market goals, European development, and other expansion or focus areas. Valentis seeks to build its resources, with outside assistance, ventures, facilities, and plans, while internally advancing, organically, increased operations, revenue growth, and diverse services and protective services personnel.

Valentis International
Valentis also intends to achieve projected goals through other related means, like acquisitions, quality protocols, and additional protective services divisions.

According to Gary Morrison, Public Information Officer, of Valentis International Group, “Valentis has achieved early stage pre-IPO competency and guidance in a matter of months and for less than traditional costs and expenses by utilizing OGGI EQUITY long term developed relationships like public company transfer agency, broker dealer consulting, securities law compliance, nomination of licensed auditing firm, etcetera, with short term private equity and long term public company, planning or forecasts.”

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