Press Release

Valentis Security Launches Force on Force Training for Law Enforcement Personnel


Valentis Security is pleased to announce that they have launched their online registration for Law Enforcement Close Quarter Battle (CQB) force on force firearm training classes starting December 7, 2019. The CQB firearm training munitions is designed to expose the law enforcement officer to a variety of scenarios they may face during their normal day to day duties. The use of firearm training ammunition allows for an unlimited number of scenarios which mirror real-world encounters to a degree not possible with other training platforms. These scenarios take place in realistic settings and reinforce the officer’s basic training while adding to their skillset. Training focuses on teamwork, control of the encounter, verbal commands, solid tactics, and problem solving all while facing a simulated threat of deadly force.

Valentis is offering two free classes for law enforcement officers on December 7 and December 14, 2019 to introduce the program. Starting in January (2020) the classes will be held the 2nd Saturday of every month. Individuals can go directly to the Valentis website at for more details and to register.

“Valentis is very excited to be launching the close quarter battle force on force training platform. We eagerly look forward to advancing our mission with professional training solutions to improve readiness across multiple sectors,” said Marnie Sutch, CEO of Valentis Security.

About Valentis: We are a fully operational security logistics solution for a variety of clients and security concerns. We are growing domestically, and envision global ventures, in risk management and security logistics with services and products under development to create a network of global affiliates, lead through branding, and expand our clients; financial institutions, governments, religious facilities, maritime, cybersecurity, combined with specially-developed training, software and telecommunication consultancy, and more. We are mindful and committed and care about our clients, team, and shareholders.

Nicole Krznar
Valentis Security