About Us

At OGGI Equity, we manage equity positions with a versatile approach, encompassing the strategies of holding, partial divestment, asset swaps, retirement, and leveraged asset utilization. 

Our multifaceted approach ensures optimal value creation and preservation for our clients and partners.


As a private equity firm, our mission is to acquire strategic financial equity stakes in promising companies and projects operating across diverse sectors on a global scale, with a primary focus on the United States.

Our commitment centers on identifying and nurturing value propositions exhibiting robust growth potential, tethered to a well-defined exit strategy and stringent criteria.

OGGI Equity


Our approach is grounded in meticulous fundamental analysis, encompassing a comprehensive evaluation of economic conditions, burgeoning market sectors, realistic projects, clearly defined exit strategies, and the informed engagement of legal professionals, auditors, accountants, public relations experts, and broker-dealers. 

These efforts aim to fulfill the financial objectives of the entities we invest in, aligning them with our rigorous standards.


Our extensive experience, alongside a wide-ranging network, spans over two decades. We are underpinned by a dedicated team of industry specialists, accomplished attorneys, Wall Street broker-dealers, transfer agents, accountant, auditors, and other seasoned advisors. 

Together, we collaboratively identity and cultivate opportunities that hold the potential to enrich our portfolio.